Sports Drink By Amanda Ibarra on June 16, 2020

Sports drinks have been around for many many years. From Gatorade to Powerade, those bright colored drinks are in the hands of children and athletes. They were designed to replenish even after the most vigorous exercise. While they are full of electrolytes that the body needs after an intense workout, they also have a lot of sugar. This sugar could actually cause more harm to our oral health than one might realize. The average sports drink can have anywhere from 30-40grams of sugar per serving. This amount of sugar is detrimental to one's health as well as their oral health. The acids present in the energy drinks along with the amount of sugar creates the perfect environment for tooth decay and breakdown .The bacteria,  streptococcus mutans feeds off the sugar and survives in the acidity of  the oral cavity. Other risk factors that put one at risk for tooth decay along with consuming these high sugary drinks is oral hygiene, genetics, and saliva production. One might find that the benefits of these sports drinks do not outway the risks. However, if one must insist on drinking these sports drinks, there are a few tips from dental professionals that should be considered: Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after consuming, The acids present weaken the enamel and make it soft. Rinsing your mouth out with water, instead is a good way to help remove these acids and prevent prolonged exposure on the teeth. Lastly, drink lots of water to keep your oral cavity moist - a  dry mouth results in a higher risk for decay.

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