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Oct 17

Posted on October 17, 2011 — by chinmay_dave

We, at Dentistry for Life, are SUPER EXCITED to be a Donation Location for Project Warm!
We are currently collecting New or Gently used coats or blankets for the homeless in Dallas, Tx. Any size or gender, adults or kids- it doesn't matter!! Anything you have around the house you don't need anymore- Don't forget the BLANKETS! We need them all!

Suggestions: If you see some at Goodwill or a yard sale that look g

Oct 12

Posted on October 12, 2011 — by chinmay_dave

This is a friendly reminder to use your insurance benefits before they expire at the end of the year... 

Sep 27

Posted on September 27, 2011 — by chinmay_dave

Dentistry for Life is now offering Select Saturday hours!!!
After speaking with many of our working patients in regards to this economy and the effects the stress is having, the request was to offer a few Saturdays to offset the stress of taking off work. With this information Dr. Dave will be offering the following Saturdays from 8 am-12 pm for cleanings and doctor

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Sep 8

Posted on September 8, 2011 — by SEO Admin

Dentistry For Life

A dental implant is made of titanium and root shaped they are placed in the jawbone and can eliminate partial plates and dentures. With success rate very high, implants have become the dentistry standard for addressing missing teeth. The investment is worth it!


Aug 15

Posted on August 15, 2011 — by chinmay_dave

Congratulations to our fabulous patient, Krista Page, who is the proud owner of the 1st iPad drawing!

Yay, Krista! When we told Krista that she won, she told us that she felt like she had won the lottery! Was so much fun giving this away! Make sure not to miss YOUR chance to win!

Aug 2

Posted on August 2, 2011 — by chinmay_dave

Hello Friends! From now until August 18, 2011, Dentistry for Life will be doing a Backpack/ School supplies Drive for the kids of Keller that need it most!!

Jul 18

Posted on July 18, 2011 — by chinmay_dave

A popular husband and wife dentistry duo, have introduced a telephone application for their Dentistry For Life patients. Code is placed in their website that recognizes when the site is being viewed on a smart phone.

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Mar 24

Posted on March 24, 2011 — by SEO Admin

Leaving us a review on Google Places helps us with our marketing which lowers your overhead. Also, it give us the opportunity to share your experience with other patients. The process can be tricky but we have compiled a short video on how to do so. We appreciate your feedback and time. [youtube=]

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Mar 11

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Tooth whitening is the #1 requested and performed cosmetic dental procedure. Tooth whitening is a procedure that lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration.

A thin coating forms on your teeth throughout the day, which attracts stains. The tooth's enamel contains pores that hold stains. Cavities need to be treated before teeth are whitened because the whitening solution can penetrate decay and reach inner areas of the tooth, which can cause sensitivity. Receding gums can cause roots to become exposed. Whitening will not work on exposed tooth roots, because roots do not have an enamel layer. Whitening also does not work on tooth restorations such as crowns or veneers.

Whitening can be

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Mar 11

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We explain to the child what is going to happen and generally provide a fun interesting experience for the child. We carefully examine the development of their mouth including crowding, appearance of calcium deposits, abnormality in the number of teeth, baby bottle tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, and signs of prolonged problems such as thumb-sucking and teething. We take x-rays when needed. We clean and polish teeth and apply fluoride when needed. We explain how a healthy diet relates to healthy teeth and we demonstrate the correct way to brush the teeth.

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